Few years ago I visited Lhasa, Tibet with my family and it was an unforgettable experience. Looking back at the amazing pictures I shot when I was there, I thought you may be keen on knowing the top things you should go see while you visit Lhasa.

Lhasa in the Tibetan language means Holy Land (or Buddha Land) and is a city filled with splendour and rich in history and culture. I visited during the month of September, in fact, the best month to go are between March and October.

  1. Visit Potala Palace


Potala Palace was the former residence of the Dalai Lama until the 14th Dalai Lama fled to India. Today, Potala Palace, is a gorgeous museum and World Heritage Site.

  1. Jokhang Monastery/Temple



Located on the Barkhor square in Lhasa, the Jokhang monastery is one of the most sacred and important temples in Tibet and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple has a mix of Indian designs, Nepalese designs and Chinese Tang Dynasty designs, a real beauty.

3.                 Visit Barkhor Street for Souvenirs



Barkhor street is a local street filled with handicraft and artwork stores and other local stands. This is the perfect street for souvenir shopping, whether it is for you or for friends and family back home. Here you can hope to find traditional clothes, gold and silver jewelry, Tibetan painting and much more. As many markets, you will also have to bargain the price slightly with vendors.

4.          Go on the Roof of the Jokhang Temple

313302_10150312653109803_1795042827_n (1)

Enjoy the amazing view of Lhasa and the Potala Palace from the roof of the Jokhang Temple. Trust me, it is truly breathtaking.

5.               Take a day trip to Namtso Lake


Namtso Lake also known as “heavenly lake” is the second largest salt-water lake in Tibet and the highest mountain lake in the world located on the border between Damxung County and Baingoin County at an altitude of 4720 meters. Its pure waters are of a beautiful crystal-clear blue and maintains its water levels from the melted snow from the mountains and the occasional rainfall. ***Picture featuring my beautiful parents

6.                    Ride the beautiful white Yak


7.                          Cross the Laken Pass


Cross the Lakenla, the mountain pass located at north-west of Lhasa at an altitude of 5190 meters. It will act as a personal achievement given its altitude.

8.                Admire the surrounding landscapes


On the way to the Namtso lake you will pass beautiful sceneries, you will also have a stunning view of the himalayas, so take time to stop and take in all the beauty, it’s really worth it!


  1. You do need a travel permit to travel in Tibet called a TTB Permit (Tibet Entry Permit) that you need to acquire through travel agency and will require you to book a tour.
  2. DO NOT trust agencies that offer a Tibet “permit-only” service, as they will waste your time and money.
  3. Since you are at a high altitude you may feel sick or out of breath during your stay, but don’t worry, you can easily get used to it.

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