You no longer need to fear waxing – I’ve found the perfect place for you.

The excruciating and uncomfortable PAIN is no longer in the picture when thinking about Brazilian Waxing/ Hollywood Waxing (all off!). Whether you need to go to the beach or simply want to have a more polished and clean look, I encourage you to try the Hollywood Wax service at Nude Boutique (Central, Hong Kong).

Not only their products are high quality, but their staff is also very well trained, so don’t put yourself through a bad wax again, you have a better choice now! All the negative aspects of Waxing that you are thinking right now, have been taken care by Nude.

  1. The therapists are extremely nice and outgoing, taking the awkwardness out of the picture. In fact, my therapist kept me updated on more painful parts and made sure I felt comfortable every step of the way. The therapists also massage the area as soon as they pulled the wax and apply baby powder, avoiding any redness and soothing the pain.
  2. The hard wax they use is nothing like the hot wax and the strip you are used to, Nude made my waxing experience almost painless. Of course it cannot be completely painless, but those parts that were slightly more painful were still bearable!
  3. The location and service was simply great. Located in the heart of central, the service was quick and reliable. Although I went 10 minutes earlier to my appointment, I was taken care of right away. Also another major aspect of waxing shops to take into consideration is hygiene, and Nude was extremely clean and comfortable. The room has a sink and is not the tiny room you are used to here in Hong Kong. They also provide you with hygiene wipes to properly get ready for the treatment.
  4. And finally, the price is extremely reasonable, especially for 1st time customers (only $270, instead of $420). In fact, nude has many advantages for 1st time customers, which is ideal if you want to try the service but do not want to commit to it fully!

For more information about Nude Boutique visit their website:

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