Top 3 Things To Do In Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is the largest and more developed city in Myanmar and is also known to be the busiest and more exciting one. Although We only spent a about 5 hours in Yangon, I felt it was plenty of time to see the major sights and enjoy the city. Here are the top 3 things you should do in Yangon if you are tight on time.



You cannot miss the biggest religious sight in Yangon and all of Myanmar. People travel miles (even locals) just to see this amazing golden pagoda. Visible from many parts of the city, Shwedagon is truly beautiful. Even if hard to look at without squinting, walking around it is amazing.


You will see many people doing rituals and prayers on specific areas, based according to the day they were born. There will be guides approaching you trying to give you a tour (but if you are not actually interested in the history and specific rituals) I would suggest to simply walk around and enjoy the beauty and surrounding.

Entrance fee USD8 or 8000 kyat.


Sule Pagoda is a tiny version of Swedagon, but the area surrounding it is very interesting. It seems like all the main roads eventually lead to Sule, with an area surrounded by government buildings, offices and in close proximity to the Central Railway Station.


To be honest, Sule Pagoda was very small, and after seeing Swedagon nothing really compares. If you don’t feel like going in, you are not missing out on much, but rather saving USD3 (or 3000 kyat). The walk to and from Sule is very enjoyable, so I suggest taking time to walk around the area and looking around. I also suggest to walk around as much as possible rather than taking taxis, as traffic in Yangon is a nightmare!



On our walk from Swedagon to Sule Pagoda, we walked past Bogyoke market, a lively market selling everything and anything from fruit to fabric. There are also a lot of places to eat around the area, with plenty local food and fresh fruit smoothies, the perfect spot for a light snack, lunch or dinner. It’s a very nice walk filled with shops and delicious eats.

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