The Best Sashimi Bowl in Tokyo, Japan

I have had a fair share of sashimi bowls during the 4 months I spent in Tokyo, but this one BEATS THEM ALL! Located right across Sophia University, this amazing Sashimi Bar will not disappoint you.

🍣    🍣    🍣

The best part is that there is no menu, you walk in, you sit by the bar or in one of the few stalls they have and you will be served the sashimi bowl of the day, made right in front of you. The sashimi bowl is served with a delicious clam miso soup and green tea (of course!). The fish is extremely fresh, the tuna melts in your mouth and the other types of fish will blow your mind. What I was really impressed with was the vinegar rice, which was slightly sweet and served warm with seaweed crumbles on top, a perfect match with the sashimi. On the egg (which is super tasty) they sprinkle some slightly sweet pink crumbles on it, which I do not know the name, but OMG it is so good.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 3.05.47 PM.png

The small sashimi bar does not have too many seats (maybe around 20-25) so if you go during peak hour (12pm-1pm) you will definitely have to wait. We used to always go around 11.20am (they open at 11.30am) to avoid the crowd, also make sure not to go too late, because they are extremely popular in the area and they sell out really fast (perhaps because it is so affordable as well).

🍣  What: Sushi Kouraku

🍣  Where: 6-6 Kojimachi, B1F Nagao Building, Chiyoda 102-0083 (Right outside Yotsuya Station)

🍣  How much: 1,000 Yen (Lunch)

🍣  Why: Best Assorted Sashimi bowl!

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