Ameyoko Street: What to Eat

If you are travelling to Tokyo, you cannot miss Ameyoko Street, right outside the  JR Ueno station. Ameyoko street is a bustling two-lane street market filled with hundreds of small shops selling candies, fresh fish, dried fish, shoes, snacks, clothes, sport gear and so on. You can pretty much find anything you want around this area, and for those of you looking for some entertainment, you can enjoy the arcades or the karaoke on this street too!


Most importantly, you can try two of the most delicious Japanese dishes here, Sashimi bowl and Takoyaki, at ridiculously low prices.

Sashimi Bowl

There are two sashimi bowl stalls in Ameyoko, which look exactly the same and are probably run by the same person. The one I always went to was down the left aisle on the picture above (towards the very end), the second one was down the right aisle, closer to the front. Expect to find a line, but luckily you won’t have to wait long as people quickly eat and leave. The picture below shows what it looks like from the outside, a small stall with tons of pictures of variations of sashimi bowls for you to choose from, starting from 600 yen to no more than 1200 yen.

BeFunky Collage 3.jpg

I tried the mixed bowl (on the right below), the supreme bowl (the most expensive one, which has Uni on it too), the all tuna one (with different cuts of tuna), the mixed salmon and tuna (on the left below), and they were ALL delicious. You can even choose your own toppings, just point to the picture, or state which sashimi you would like and find a seat. Within minutes you’ll receive the rice bowl, and you can help yourself to free barley tea.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Takoyaki (Octopus Ball)

The best part of the sashimi bowl stall is the neighbouring takoyaki stall. These takoyaki were probably some of the best ones I’ve had in Japan, in fact, they are so good that there is always a line and by 6pm they are all sold out. you can choose to have 4,6 or 8 for just 200, 280 and 350 respectively. When you get to the front, order however many you want, get your takoyaki and add mayo, okonomiyaki sauce and seaweed crumbles as you like (self-service on the side). The takoyaki has a proper octopus piece inside and it is deliciously juicy and creamy when you bite it. It is a treat that you MUST have!

BeFunky Collage 2.jpg

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