Cóm Bánh Mì: Best Bahn Mi in Hong Kong

If you are craving an authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi, you must check Com Banh Mi by Chef Phuc Dat Bich (a nice play on words eh? haha). With just over 20 seats and a cute atmosphere, this tiny restaurant will surely bring you back to the streets of Vietnam.

BeFunky Collage.jpg



The place was not packed at all, even though we went during peak hour. Most people do takeaways so you most likely can get a table or bar seat for dine-in even during the busiest times.

The lunch menu is extremely worth it, for just 90 hkd you get to choose a protein: 1) chicken & duck, 2) pork or 3) beef made in one of three ways: 1) over rice, 2) with banh mi, or 3) pho, you then get to choose a side dish and a drink. If you prefer a light and quick lunch, there is also a 70 hkd option that doesn’t include the side dish.


We tried the chicken and duck banh mi and the Iberico pork banh mi, both extremely good (expect to pay a little more for the Iberico Pork, we managed to get it for an extra 25 hkd added to the combo deal)! My personal favourite though was the chicken and duck. The bread is perfectly crispy and warm, with a generous amount of filling and just enough moist from the sauce.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

We got the potato wedges and the papaya salad on the side. The potato wedges were not as crispy as we would have liked them, so probably would go for the spring rolls or the chicken wings next time. The papaya salad, however, was delicious! We topped it all off with a well-deserved vietnamese coffee to keep us awake, one iced and one hot (if you don’t like it too sweet, make sure you ask for no caramel sauce added!).

🍔  What: Com Banh Mi

🍔  Where: G/F, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai

🍔  Why: Best Banh Mi I’ve had in Hong Kong!

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