Best Tempura Bowl in Tokyo

Located in Nihonbashi, just a short walk from Tokyo station, Kaneko Hannosuke will be worth your while.

🍤       🍤      🍤

Expect to wait at least 30 minutes before you get a seat, or even longer during lunch time, but trust when I say it is WORTH IT! Ordering is extremely easy even for non-Japanese speakers. They only have one menu, which is the Tendon (Tempura bowl) for only 880 yen, and you can choose to add miso soup or/and extra rice for 100 yen each.


The Tendon includes freshly made tempura over rice covered in delicious tentsuyu sauce (tempura dipping sauce). There is fried vegetables, a fried egg that when broken will release all the yolk, seaweed, squid, huge shrimps and a massive eel (I am not a fan of eel, but they made it SO good, it was impossible to resist). On the table there are also two jars with sweet radish and sweet ginger that taste absolutely amazing together with the rice and tempura. The miso soup and the tea are also delicious (worth the extra 100 yen!).

If you are ever in Tokyo or around this area, make sure to try Hannosuke’s Tendon! 

🍤  What: Kaneko Hannosuke

🍤  Where: Tokyo-to Chuo-ku Nihonbashi Muromachi 1-11-15

🍤  How Much: 880 yen (980 yen with miso soup)

🍤  Why: Best Tendon in Tokyo!


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