Must Try Ramen Chain in Tokyo

RAMEN JIRO (ラーメン二郎)

I was lucky enough to have this chain at a 5-min walk from my dorm in Matsudo, but it has store locations all over Tokyo (including Shinjuku and Shibuya), so just google the closest store to you and try it out!

🍜      🍜      🍜

The ramen store is extremely popular amongst Japanese men (I have no idea why!) and usually has a long line of people waiting outside. We were not sure what to order from the ticket machine (even though there were  only 3 options) so we asked for their recommendation, and were pointed to their original one. Once seated, and after giving our receipt to the man behind the counter we were asked if we wanted to add garlic… and we agreed (but… we immediately regretted the choice, after realizing the enormous amount of fresh minced garlic we were given!). Surely not the ideal date-night restaurant, and possibly the reason why people will steer away from you for a couple days.


The amount of food is absolutely ridiculous, a MASSIVE bowl, filled with chashiu, bean sprouts, a generous amount of minced garlic and tons of noodles. What I was surprised with, was the fact that you can even order extra noodles or a mountain of bean sprouts to top off your ramen (which many other customers did). The broth (pork and soya sauce based) was anything but subtle; stronger in flavour, thicker and much saltier than most of the other ramen shops. It has a unique flavour that you will not find in any other ramen shop in Tokyo, however it could also be one of those things that you either love or hate.

I personally loved the flavour, but it is definitely not the type of chain I could go for on a daily basis. Ramen Jiro is a must-try in Tokyo, just remember to enjoy it in small quantities!

🍜    Where: Ramen Jiro (ラーメン二郎)

🍜    How Much: 750 yen (for the original one, extra 100 yen for more chashiu and veggies)

🍜    Why: Ramen with a distinct and unique flavour!

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