The Secret LKF Nepalese Restaurant

This secret Nepalese restaurant is hidden in the streets of LKF. Because this place runs illegally in a private home, and does not have a proper restaurant licence, I will not disclose the exact address here (we don’t want them to get in trouble and close down!) The only way you would know about this place is from friends and friends of friends of friends!

Not only it’s the favourite spot for the Nepalese crowd, but it has gained a great reputation amongst expats and locals for their amazing momos and Nepalese cuisine. With dishes ranging from 30-60hkd, this deliciously affordable spot is a hidden gem.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

My absolute favourite is the chilli Momos, fried thick skinned dumplings covered in a red sauce, onions and topped off with coriander. The sauce feels like a mixture of hot and sweet chilli sauce that is not overwhelmingly hot or spicy . The boiled momos are also delicious and a lot lighter than the fried ones, for a better experience ask for their creamy red dipping sauce (usually at the side of the table) to give it an extra kick. IMG_0115

Another must-try is their Pakoda, a fried vegetables (onions mostly) snack that keeps you munching while you wait for more food. We also tried their chicken curry with roti. The flavour of the curry and sauce itself was very yummy, but the chicken was very bony – would probably go for pork or vegetable next time.


1453490205-screen-shot-2016-01-22-at-21359-pm.png  Where: Comment below if you want to know the location and I will send the address privately.

1453490205-screen-shot-2016-01-22-at-21359-pm.png  How much: 30-60hkd

1453490205-screen-shot-2016-01-22-at-21359-pm.png  Why: amazing chilli momos!!

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