Best Thai Restaurant in Hong Kong

We stumbled upon Tonkla Thai Snack one day while roaming around North Point, and since then it has been one of my favourite restaurants. Run by Thai people, this tiny restaurant (or stall) and their deliciously authentic dishes brought me back to Bangkok.

Tonkla Thai Snack is popular in the area and is always busy with take-away orders (as there are only 14 seats in the restaurant) as well as serving eat-in customers. The restaurant itself is not fancy nor luxurious, but more like a street food stall you would find in the streets of Thailand.

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Pretty much everything on the menu is absolutely amazing – I still haven’t found a dish that disappointed me! Their snacks/starters include chicken or pork satay, grilled Thai sausage and Papaya salad, all of which are amazing. The Satay (both chicken and pork) is super meaty and the satay sauce is perfectly peanut-y. The Grilled sausage is just like the one in Thailand – filled with glass noodles and meat – served nice and hot. The Papaya salad is fresh and spicy (if you can’t handle spicy, simply ask for less or no chilli), perfect dish to start your meal.

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The noodle dishes are formidable – every time I try a different one -and each time it’s a pleasant surprise! The Vermicelli Pork and Prawns Salad has slices of pineapple, tomatoes and salary to give it freshness and chilli to give it the extra kick, topped with a delicious sauce – one of my fav dishes! The Tom Yum Soup with noodle is also delicious, spicy enough and with an abundance of toppings – perfect for the spicy food lovers. The Fried Flat noodles taste great and the sauce that accompanies it makes it THAT much better. The Thai Beef Ball Noodle Soup (in the last photo below – we were so hungry that I forgot to take the picture of the dish when it arrived)  has beef balls, beef sliced, Daikon and beansprouts in a delicious rich broth – definitely a must-try.

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The Pad Krapow and Fried Egg with Rice is one of my go-to dish. When you break the egg you get the creamy yolk over the rice, which goes perfectly with the minced pork and basil. My suggestion: when in doubt – order this dish! The green curry (which comes with rice) is creamy and tasty, with lots of veggies and meat. If you want to order a vegetable dish, I recommend either the fried kale with garlic (below) or the fried kale with crispy pork – both delicious.

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

As you can tell, I’ve tried most of the dishes on the menu and I could not be more passionate about a restaurant. This is, by far, the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.

🍲   Where: Tonkla Thai Snack, Shop D2, G/F, 72-78 Java Road, North Point (12PM – 10PM)

🍲   How Much: CHEAP! Photos of menu below

🍲   Why: Best Thai food in Hong Kong

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